Alexa’s Problems And Their Customized Solutions

Tech tools are prone to breakdowns once in a while. Some issues are technical, while others are human-caused. Regardless of the cause, you should know how to troubleshoot each scenario. Today we take a look at Alexa’s problems. We share tips and steps to follow to get Alexa working again. Please sit back and relax as we unravel the fixes for Alexa’s everyday problems.

Alexa not connecting to WIFI

Tech gadgets can be unpredictable or just stubborn at times. You wake up one morning to find Alexa not connecting to wifi? What do you do? It can be tricky if you haven’t experienced such a bug before. But the most important thing is to stay calm as you think of the steps to troubleshoot the bug.

With Alexa not responding, you know in your mind that there is a hitch. Follow this simple guide to get her working again.

How do you do it?

Step 1: Double-check your internet connection to ensure it is working well. Alexa won’t respond if your internet is down. It could be that your subscription expired, or there is another technical hitch from your operator’s side.

Step 2: Once sure that it is not the fault of your internet provider, proceed to reboot your modem or router. That simple trick works if you use modems. Ensure you allow the modem or MIFI router 5 minutes to install any updates before trying again.

Step 3: Reboot your Echo Dot/Amazon Echo device. Start the gadget that has Alexa installed on it. Alexa features in two primary devices- the Echo Dot and Amazon Echo. Additionally, other gadgets that run on Alexa include the Fire TV box and the Fire HD tablet.

Step 4: Verify that the password you are using is correct. It could be that simple! If you forgot your password, reset it by sending a command to your email.

Step 5: Check interference or factory reset. Save this for the last resort. Also, check if there are walls or stone barriers that distort the frequency of your WIFI network. And if all that fails, do a factory reset for your Alexa’s device.

Is Alexa down?

Alexa is not human, so she can’t tell you what is wrong like humans do. Humans will cry, wail, shout, or beckon when in trouble. On the contrary, Alexa will keep quiet when you try to command her. Or she will merely encircle a red ring to show that something is not okay.

It could be that Amazon servers are down at that time. A general internet problem will trigger the gadget to illuminate the orange ring on its sides.

There are a few things to do to get Alexa back on track:

  1. When a red ring appears, tap the microphone sign on the side to toggle the device so it can produce sound again.
  2. Consult with twitter to see if it is a cross-cutting issue. Usually, Alexa users will use the #alexdown hashtag. And if the issue gets resolved, twitter is always at the forefront to notify you. Another hashtag to use is #alexa
  3. Log in to the available down detectors to know the truth. You can try or 
  4. Check from your smartphone to see if Alexa links to it. If Alexa’s smart speaker is working, then it could be a server issue.
  5. Alternatively, if everything seems not to be working, you should restart Alexa or the internet router. That should work and if not, ascertain that you are using the right password.

Alexa not responding?

You have tried everything, but still, Alexa is not responding. All the trigger words “Echo, “Amazon,” and “Computer” seem not to work in your favor. That is when you know you need to dig deeper to find what the real problem is all about.

Do this to get yourself out of the dead-end:

  1. Confirm if the device has enough charge, if not, you need to charge.
  2. Like the other problems, fix your internet connection by rebooting the router or modem. Better still, you can consult twitter to see if Alexa is down.
  3. If you own more than one device, then switch off the one you don’t want to use. Another trick is moving the Alexa-linked device closer to your proximity.
  4. Differentiate the wake words if two or more of your Alexa devices conflict. If there are many devices, do not set your Alexa device to default.

Alexa not discovering devices, TROUBLESHOOT!

When Alexa is not discovering devices, it could be a software problem in the offing. First, you should check for compatibility between Alexa and your device.

Then use the manual from your device manufacturer to set up Alexa. Next, you ensure that the device and Alexa connect to the same internet connection.

Finally, install the updated versions of software for the device of your choice. Discover Alexa just like you do with Bluetooth devices.

Now, your Alexa should be good to go!

Alexa is not pairing, help!

You have tried pairing your device and Alexa and still hitting a snag, what should you do? Follow these easy steps to resolve your issue:

Step 1: Switch on the Bluetooth on your phone. Tap on the device to connect.

Step 2: Put your device on discovery mode to avoid Alexa not discovering devices

Step 3: Tap on Alexa App and hit on the menu selection on the top left side

Step 4: Go to settings and pick the device to pair with

Step 5: Select your Alexa device, pair with it and begin commands


Alexa’s problems are very much resolvable. It may seem not very easy in the beginning, but as you get used to Alexa, you get the gist of all you need to know. Whether it is about Alexa not responding to voice commands, Alexa not connecting to wifi, or Alexa not responding at all, be sure to follow this guide to fix the issues. And if Alexa is down, note that it could be an external issue like the server not functioning well. Overall, it shouldn’t be tedious to fix Alexa’s problems. 

If you are already enjoying your Alexa, it would be a wise time to invest in building a complete smart home.

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