Best Smartwatch for Fitness Trackers

Heart strong fitness trackers are trending gadgets nowadays. Everyone wishes to keep a watch on their fitness and health activities. Thankfully, the smartwatches have announced themselves as a savior to sort this matter out. Heart strong fitness trackers are multi-purpose, and this makes them versatile.

You can easily perform more than one function using a smartwatch. People mostly buy one to keep track of their fitness and health but stay connected to their social media and phone.

The wearable trend has drastically increased in the past few years, and you will come across many people using heart strong fitness trackers.

Tech beasts like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Google, etc., have launched their respective heart-strong fitness trackers. With various features and specifications, people love to experiment with wearable.

The amazing thing about the variation in smartwatches is that they don’t matter in the same feature. If you are looking for a smartwatch specializing in fitness, you might want to research to find the best fit. Your choice solely depends upon the features you are looking for in a smartwatch.

For the people who do not have heart strong fitness trackers, the possible question will be that “Are they necessary?” Well, no, they are not essential. But they are good to have. Here is how heart strong fitness trackers can help you out in a lot of things.

Advantages of having a Fitness Tracker

Multiple benefits come with a fitness tracker. Fitness and health are not the only good thing about having a smartwatch tied around your wrist.

The scope of having head-strong fitness trackers is quite more than a mind can figure out. We purchase a smartwatch for some known reason, and after using it for quite a long time, we get to know more about the other features it offers to its users. Listed below are some of the advantages that might help you decide about purchasing heart strong fitness trackers.

Fitness accountability

A fitness tracker is inarguably the best fit for the people who have dedicated their lives to the gym and physical activities. They might always want to keep track of their fitness activities since they are accountable to many extents. Heart-strong fitness trackers remind and record your day to day activities, and by using machine learning algorithms, they advise you accordingly. The accountability technique of a fitness tracker is amazing, which is why weight-watching people vouch for them. Alerts and notifications help you in keeping track of your fitness.

Your daily motivator

Heart strong fitness trackers are your daily motivators. They enable you to sit up and leave your dull routine, which ends up encouraging you for daily exercise. Fitness trackers are multi-purpose. They are more than your daily motivators since they also tell you about the calories you have burnt daily. If somehow you have missed your daily goal, the heart-strong fitness trackers will motivate you to achieve your milestone the next day. The cycle repeats, and this is how you can call it your daily motivator. The fitness tracker’s ultimate goal is to push you harder towards achieving your goal in the minimum time.

Your goal setter

Heart strong fitness trackers are versatile, which is one reason they have been trending. You can easily set your health and fitness goals, and a smartwatch will help you achieve those goals in no time. Using a fitness tracker, you can easily set your fitness milestones, and the smartwatch will ensure that you reach them as well. A heart-strong fitness tracker has been a companion for adventure lovers. They can set a goal before going on a hike and make sure that they achieve it. Move forward and quicker by using a smartwatch.

Your food watcher

It is a known fact that heart strong fitness trackers are versatile, and they help you achieve more than your fitness goals. For people who are unaware of this fact, smartwatches log your diet and water intake so that they can suggest you accordingly. Nutrition is as essential as fitness, and both need to be monitored in parallel for a healthier lifestyle. Machine learning has been well appreciated in smartwatches, and they make sure that you end up intaking the calories which are essential and required for your body. It is safe to say that they act like your food and calorie watcher, which accelerates your fitness goals.

Distant yet connected

You might be distant from your phone, but wearing a heart strong fitness tracker around your wrist will help you stay connected. Smartwatches are used for more than one purpose nowadays, and people are getting used to it social media connected feature. The alerts and notifications pop up on your smartwatch, reminding you about your incoming texts or calls. Apart from that, social media notifications also appear like they would have appeared on the screen of your smartphone. This way, you are distant yet connected with your smartphone, and you can easily work out while keeping your phone aside.

Your sleep monitor

Disturbed sleeping patterns can be annoying, and you might end up having serious health issues. You might want to fix your sleeping schedule as soon as possible to get rid of your deteriorating health. Smartwatches track your sleep schedule and advise you accordingly. People who have been facing sleep-related issues opt for buying a smartwatch. Heart strong fitness trackers track and monitor your sleep and suggest accordingly. In this way, you can monitor and analyze your sleeping routine and easily fix it as well.

Your heart rate monitor

Health and fitness go side by side. Along with offering many connectivity options, heart strong fitness trackers provide the option for heart rate monitoring. Pulse measurements are used to monitor the heart rate, which is a very useful feature. The main purpose of having a heart rate monitor is to track the heartbeats’ fluctuations during a workout. Extreme workouts peak your heart rate, and it can easily be detected by your heart, a strong fitness tracker.

Best Smartwatch for Fitness Tracking

Fitness Trackers

There are a lot of smartwatches that provide the user with various health and fitness options. It might become difficult for the users to pick and choose the one smartwatch which they are looking for their health and fitness purposes. Every six months adds up a new entry to the world of smartwatches, and you might be surprised after seeing some new brands taking over the tech beasts nowadays. Every smartwatch hasn’t kept its premium services for fitness only. Some of them focus on connectivity, some on fitness, and some on other health options.

We have carefully chosen some of the heart-strong fitness trackers for you. These top-notch wearables should be the prime choice if you are heading for the fitness category. The budget and characteristics also matter, which ends up making the worth of a smartwatch. You can carefully review these smartwatches and then make your decision based on the characteristics they offer.


Whenever you are talking about competitions in the technological world, Apple’s presence has to be mandatory. Apple has been launching innovative products over the year, and the customer base of Apple is increasing daily. The rise in fan-base is subjected to the features Apple launches to keep people engaged with their OS. The smartwatch family introduced by Apple is wide and variant. Apple Watch SE also belongs to the same family and is known as one of the best smartwatches.

If you own an iPhone, then Apple Watch SE can be your best purchase. Apple smartwatches only require to be paired with an iPhone to be of any use for an Android owner. iPhone and watches can be a great combination, and it is a superior fitness tracker as well. Apple Watch SE has a high-quality design and top-notch finishing, which makes it quite attractive to look. The premium design makes it better and visually appealing. The design will pair well with your wardrobe and outfit, and you will end up looking quite elegant and classic. Compared to the price bracket, the worth of the Apple Watch SE is good. Mostly, Apple products are expensive, and people can’t afford them.

Beautiful designAlways-On display absent
Great price considering an Apple productAverage battery


Because Apple Watch SE belongs to the Apple family, the price is great. You can easily purchase this watch if you are a fan of Apple products. Combined with your iPhone, the Apple Watch SE is bound to give great results. Besides everything, you can easily track your health and fitness without hassling much since Apple provides the best options. If you look around the price ranges of Apple products, you will deduce that Apple Watch SE can be purchased easily. It is not that expensive as compared to the rest of the products Apple offers. It is one great pick for you.

With every brilliant feature Apple Watch SE offers, there are a few limitations to using it. The Always-On display is quite trending in the latest smartwatches. Unfortunately, it is not present in this smartwatch, which justifies the price difference. The always-on feature is unique and helps the users who check their smartwatches again. If you consider purchasing Apple Watch SE, please note that this feature is majorly missing in this watch. To view the product, click here.


Samsung has been good news for Android lovers. Every year, there is always a Samsung product, which wins the tech market because it is top-notch. In the world of innovations and design, Samsung has set an example for the new coming brands. The Galaxy series has been introduced in smartphones and smartwatches. It is loaded with specifications and offers a wide price range for the customers. The world of options makes it convenient for them to choose. Heart strong fitness trackers are trending these days, and if you are looking for a suitable choice, then Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is suitable for you.

Loaded with characteristics and user-friendly features, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 offers 8 GB of onboard storage, which is ample. The battery can last up to good three days, which is appreciable. Many smartwatches in the market have low battery maintenance, and people need to recharge them every day. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 saves you from the hassle of recharging; hence it is worth the purchase if you are looking for low maintenance options. The design of this heart-strong fitness tracker is elegant. It goes well with every outfit, so you can say that it has a universal design. The classy design makes Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 a select purchase, and you will be happy to have one.

Beautiful designRoom for improvement in battery
Elegant rotating bezelExpensive


The beautiful design makes it attractive to look, which is why Samsung has a wide customer base. Be it their smartphones or smartwatches; the design of each product is well detailed. Moreover, the component that serves as a cherry on top for Galaxy Watch 3 is the rotating bezel. Navigating around a heart-strong fitness tracker has never been so joyous. It adds to the comfortable user experience it has promised to offer to its users, and you will end up loving its every feature. The best thing about its usability is that it can pair with an iPhone too. Hence it has wide connections.

Experts say that there is still some room for improvement when it comes down to the battery of Galaxy Watch 3. Compared to many smartwatches in the market, the battery life of the Galaxy Watch 3 is highly appreciable, but still, the developers can improve it. Xiaomi, a Chinese brand, has launched many watches whose batteries last for days. The battery timing of Galaxy Watch 3 is days, and it needs a recharge after this period. Also, it is a bit expensive, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most Samsung products are costly and expensive, but they are worth their cost. If you can afford a Samsung product, you will be happy to have this smartwatch as a wearable. Overall, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a decent purchase if you are vouching for a smartwatch with amazing fitness tracking qualities. You can review the product here.


It is safe to say that Apple is leading the technological world with such innovations that amaze the human mind. Smartwatches have also been the best of the products launched by Apple in recent years. The latest innovations have not only put Apple on the top but excited the expectations of their fanbase. People have started to expect bigger and better from Apple every year. Apple Watch 6 is a top tier product for those who are happy to spend on their wearable. Loaded with modern technology, Apple Watch 6 is top-notch. It offers onboard storage of 32 GB, which is massive. The charging process used to charge Apple Watch 6 is wireless. Hence it is convenient as well.

If you are an iPhone owner, Apple Watch 6 is one of the best choices you can make. It pairs well with Apple gadgets and provides maximum performance. Although it is expensive, it is worthy of a purchase if you can afford it. Apple Watch 6 comes in various colors, which is a perfect color combination for your wardrobe. You can choose the color that fits you the best and pair it up with your outfit. The seamless user experience it offers the users is worth the price. The Apple engineers have introduced many new features in this Watch 6 compared to the previous version they launched. Health monitoring features like blood oxygen monitoring and upgraded chipset have been included in this version, a perfect fit for people watching over their health.

A lot of color optionsHeadline upgrade missing
Always-On display featureBattery can be improved


Apple Watch 5 was great, and people were enjoying the features it offered. Apple Watch 6 is even better than Watch 5 and has many advanced features that are helping the users. If people are looking for a fitness tracker, Apple Watch 6 is the perfect fit for them. The advancements in technology have pushed Apple to launch the newest innovations in their products. The always-on feature has been added to this smartwatch, which has boosted its outlook and design. It looks amazing to look at, which has drastically improved and expanded its fanbase. The always-on feature has made users’ lives easier since they don’t have to turn on the display repeatedly.

With all of these amazing features, there are a few limitations to using this Apple Watch 6. It is a great purchase for the ones who can afford it, but there are a few features that require some major work. The headline upgrade in this heart-strong fitness tracker should be there, but unfortunately, it is absent. If it had been there, the headline feature would have set Apple Watch 6 to the top. The battery feature is good, but Apple products are known for having a short life battery. The battery could have been improved so that the users could have been relieved of the recharging process. Overall, it is a good purchase, and you can review the product in detail here.

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Fitbit has announced itself in the world of technology and innovation with a bang. People seem to love the products launched by Fitbit because they are innovative and user-friendly. In a world with Apple and Google’s likes, it is not easy to compete the way Fitbit has been doing recently. To find Fitbit Versa 3 in some of the best smartwatches of the modern world is itself an achievement for the developers. To your amaze, it is loved by the user-base because of its user-friendliness. They find the heart-strong fitness tracker quite easy to use, and it is even comfortable to wear and carry.

People always look for options that are comfortable when it comes down to wearable. A smartwatch easy to carry and flaunt is the best purchase in this world of heavy gadgets. Fitbit Versa 3 provides the best specifications at a very economical price. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so this way, you don’t have to worry about your phone brand. If you are an Android or an Apple user, in both ways, this smartwatch is compatible with your gadget. It is water-resistant, so you also don’t have to worry much about getting soaked in the rain while wearing one.

GPS availablePoor side button
Lightweight and easy to wearOffline Spotify unavailable


The best thing that comes with Fitbit Versa 3 is its in-built GPS. By introducing this feature in the smartwatch, the developers have made it quite easy since people can easily navigate around with the help of this watch. All the watches do not necessarily have a GPS option, which can put the users in a certain concern since they have to see their phone repeatedly. The GPS feature has miraculously expanded the use and scope of this heart-strong fitness tracker, and people seem to love this feature of the watch. Fitbit has done some amazing work with this smartwatch and offered users a lot of user-intuitive options. Apart from the GPS feature, Fitbit Versa 3 is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t feel heavy on the wrist and pairs well with your outfit as well.

Ultimate fitness tracking in Fitbit Versa 3

The smartwatch’s easy combination with the outfit makes it desirable for the users to purchase this fitness tracker. If you are solely looking for a smartwatch that is best for fitness tracking, then Fitbit Versa 3 is the best option in the market available. Users who have purchased this smartwatch have shown utmost relief in the fitness tracking capability of this watch. Fitbit Versa 3 provides all the ideal fitness tracking options; hence you won’t regret having one with yourself. The comfortable design combined with the amazing fitness tracking features puts Fitbit Versa 3 on the top and other user-friendly options.

There are certain limitations of using this smartwatch, which put the users in concern before buying this. As a buyer, you should need to know that Fitbit Versa 3 comes with a poor side button. Most of the smartwatches’ side buttons are highly appreciated, but Fitbit Versa 3 lacks a right-side button, which somewhat destroys this watch’s usage. Other than that, it doesn’t support offline Spotify like other smartwatches. Other than that, it is a decent purchase, and you can review the product here.


Samsung has been launching top-notch wearable and smartphones recently. The fanbase of Samsung is increasing daily because of the quality it offers them. In the recent addition, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has won people’s hearts because of the flawless service it offers. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so if you are an Apple or an Android phone user, you can be a relief. It pairs with both of the gadgets seamlessly. The onboard storage it offers is 4GB, which is good enough. Samsung has successfully established its brand name among the consumers, and they love all the products launched by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a great pick if you are looking for heart strong fitness trackers. The best thing about this smartwatch is its high-quality design. An amazing design automatically adds to the watch’s attractiveness, and everyone would love to have a beautiful wearable. It features a 1.2 inch 360 x 360 display, which elegantly displays all the notifications on the screen. Concerning design, it is a lot elegant and classy compared to the other smartwatches, which puts it over the top. The top-notch fitness tracking option it provides is also a core feature, which is why users would love to have Watch Active 2 with themselves.

Beautiful designFew additional features for price hike
Rotating bezelLimited operations with iOS


Samsung has hiked the price of this smartwatch because they have added a beautiful digital bezel, which boosts this watch’s elegant design. It looks amazing over the top and adds to the user-friendliness of the smartwatch. Users have loved this latest addition on the top of this heart-strong fitness tracker, and it comes with 39 different workout modes. You can easily choose the mode you are working out for, and the tracker will keep you posted with your work out details. Health is also carefully monitored by Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 since it has provided the users with a lot of health monitoring options. ECG, sleep monitoring, etc., can easily be tracked by Samsung Watch 2. With both health and fitness monitoring features, Samsung Watch 2 is worth a purchase.

It pairs well along with your outfit because of its elegant design. However, the developers can improve the battery timing of this smartwatch. The battery lasts for two days, and after that, it needs sufficient recharging. You can connect this smartwatch in both ways on your smartphone. It requires WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity to operate, and you can connect with it either way based on your convenience. With all of these amazing features, there a few drawbacks to using Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. After the introduction of this digital bezel, the price of this product has spiked up. Comparatively, fewer features have been added as compared to the price hiked up. Also, it isn’t much operational with iOS devices than Android, so the limited connectivity option is a concern for Apple users.

Overall, it is a pretty decent purchase for Android users. You can review the product here.


Fitbit has launched a lot of user-friendly options when it comes down to heart-strong fitness trackers. First, the users loved Fitbit Versa 3, and it successfully made its way to some of the best smartwatches for fitness tracking. Now, Fitbit Versa Lite has also joined this elite family and is one of your’s most economical purchases. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly fitness tracker for yourself, Fitbit Versa Lite is the answer for you. The best thing about Fitbit Versa Lite is that it pairs with both Android and iPhone smartphones. There is mainly a concern for iPhone users because many smartwatches are compatible with Android only. Hence, Fitbit Versa Lite has announced itself as good news for both Android and iPhone users.

Fitbit Versa Lite is the lighter version of Fitbit Versa, with a few of the features dropped in this lite version. It is an economical purchase and is equipped with many good features that will help you maintain your fitness tracking profile. So, if you are looking for an economical fitness tracker, Fitbit Versa Lite is the best pick for you. The battery can last up to 4 days, which is phenomenal. The average battery time of a certain smartwatch is 2-3 days.  Considering the price of this smartwatch, the timing of the battery is good. You won’t regret having one of these fitness tracker with yourself.

EconomicalGPS missing
Good battery lifeOn-screen workout missing


Fitbit Versa Lite is desirable among the users because of its amazing battery life. The recharging process has relieved the users so they can easily enjoy the other features of the smartwatch. With all of these amazing features, there are a few limitations to using this smartwatch. GPS is one of the main features of many heart-strong fitness trackers, but unfortunately, it is missing in this smartwatch. If location tracking is present in a fitness tracker, it makes usage easier for everyone. A missing GPS makes the users revisit the screen of their phones for location tracking purposes.

Apart from this, the on-screen workout is missing, which is a concern for fitness freaks. They don’t get to observe and monitor their work out on-screen, which is bad news. Apart from these features, Fitbit Versa Lite is a good purchase, and you can review the product here.


The world is a platform for daily innovations, and tech beasts are winning here effortlessly. To compete with these giants is a big success and achievement in itself, and Fossil has successfully made it to the cut. Fossil sport is a very decent heart-strong fitness tracker, and it is considered an authentic choice for people looking for fitness trackers. Making it the best smartwatch for fitness tracking is itself an achievement for Fossil. The best thing about Fossil Sport is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. So, regardless of the OS of your phone, Fossil sport will connect with your phone seamlessly.

The premium design of Fossil Sport is a treat for the users. A smartwatch with an elegant design is a must-have to be paired with the outfit easily. Most smartwatches with premium design options are very expensive, so people try to settle for basic features. If a smartwatch features extraordinary features with a beautiful design, people would love to buy one. Fossil Sport is the smartwatch you would love to have and wear for the fitness tracking options. The onboard storage it offers is 4 GB, and it can be connected with your smartphone in three ways. The connectivity methods are impressive as most smartwatches settle for a maximum of two options to connect. Fossil Sport uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS to obtain a strong connection with your smartphone. These options are great to fit.

Light weighted and comfortable to wearHigh end features are missing
PowerfulSlow GPS


Fossil sport is very comfortable and lightweight to wear. It will also pair easily with your outfit hence making you look classier and charming. Fossil Sport uplifts the user’s entire wardrobe, which is why people go for lightweight and elegant watches. They can pair up easily with the wardrobe and end up looking decent. 22mm brand sizes are featured in this watch, which boosts the usability of the product. It won’t be wrong to say that Fossil Sport is a powerful product and offers many useful features to the users in this price bracket. These features can easily serve as your fitness tracker and keep fitness tracking and management easier for the users.

With these advantages, everyone would love to wear Fossil Sport since it has some amazing features at a very affordable price. But with every advantage, there are some disadvantages, and a few limitations put Fossil Sport at the back foot as well. One of the main concerns displayed as a back draw of using Fossil Sport is that some high-end features are missing. It is a good purchase if you are going for decent and basic features, but you might have to explore your options for the high-end features. Apart from this, the performance of GPS present in this watch is unappreciated. It is quite slow, which cannot work in emergencies. Users might have to consult their smartphones for GPS tracking since the GPS present in Fossil Sport is quite slow. You can visit the product for detail here.


Honor Magic Watch 2 has introduced itself towards the fitness freaks as good news. If you are a fitness freak and looking for an ideal watch for your routine fitness tracking, Honor is the answer to your question. It is quite amazing to see some new and fresh brands on the list of heart-strong fitness trackers. Brands like Google, Apple, and Samsung have already won the market with their latest innovations, but they are a bit pricy for routine customers. When they have options like Honor, Fossil, and Fitbit, they can explore their choices by playing with the budget feature.

Honor Magic Watch 2 is a decent purchase, and the best thing about this watch is that it can pair with Android and iOS smartphones. You don’t have to worry if you are an Android or an iOS user since this heart-strong fitness tracker has got you covered. It is equipped with many new fitness tracking options, making it an absolute choice for fitness freaks. The battery can last up to 7 days to 14 days, which is a big plus. If you look around the smartwatches, the battery timing seems to be having quite issues. People mostly have to switch their options because the battery is poor. The mentioned is not the case with Honor Magic Watch 2. You can easily use the smartwatch at your convenience without worrying about the battery timing.

Amazing set of fitness optionsNot many non-fitness features
Top notch battery lifeDust magnet


With the amazing suite of fitness features, Honor Magic Watch 2 is a great choice. If you want to keep track of your daily fitness activities and routine, you can easily record and monitor them using this smartwatch. It is easy to use, so you don’t have to read much into the complexities. Carrying an easy fitness record will help you in monitoring your day to day tasks and physical activities. Paired with amazing battery life, Honor Magic Watch 2 will prove to be a great pick for fitness freaks.

The battery life can easily last up to more than seven days, which means a week without recharging. Even smartphones have to get charged daily to operate, but Honor has done some amazing work here by extending the smartwatch’s battery life. With all these advantages, there are just a few limitations of using this fitness tracker, which might affect your decision about buying it. If you are thinking of purchasing it, you need to know some of this smartwatch’s drawbacks.

Although it is a great option for fitness freaks, if you are a fitness and a music lover, it might not be such a great pick. Honor Magic Watch 2 doesn’t have many non-fitness features hence making it only fitness centered option. Apart from this, it also attracts dust quickly, making it dirty in a jiff. For a detailed review of the product, click here.

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