Best Smart Coffee Maker -Review & Buying Guide

The greatest luxury which a smart coffee maker brings is the convenience of brewing coffee through a click on the app. You can make favorite cappuccinos precisely with rich flavor as per your liking, that too remotely.

The best part is that you can get your coffee ready in a few minutes. Plus the smart coffee maker saves you from the hassle of cleaning and using extra utensils for milk and filter.  

Things You Should Consider While Buying a Smart Coffee Maker

1. Compatibility

The smart coffee maker uses different technology like Wifi and Bluetooth to connect with apps and devices. 

Integration with devices like Alexa and Google Home gives you the advantage to control your coffee maker over voice command.

Select the coffee maker with Bluetooth connectivity option if you are in close proximity to your smart coffee maker as it has a lower range. Wifi connectivity has a wider range and is best if you live on the upper floors where the distance is more.

2. Capacity 

Larger capacity coffee maker saves you time and effort, especially when you have a number of persons in a family or have frequent guests at your home. Larger capacity helps you churn out a number of cups which makes it helpful to fast serve small gatherings and parties.

3. Ease of Use

Your smart coffee maker should make life simple to the extent that it should require a few steps to prepare a rich latte and should not bother you more on installation and use. Because then only you can get a refreshed mind and can concentrate on your work.

4. Price

Lastly, smart does not mean the best, look for the best value coffee maker in the budget you have. This way you will have the best product in your budget. 

Best Smart Coffee Maker in India

Behmor Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker

Behmor Smart Coffee Maker

Behmor connected coffee maker integrates with powerful AI capabilities of Alexa, which means you can have your coffee prepared over single voice command. 

Without leaving your couch or work you can comfortably instruct “Alexa prepare a cup of coffee”. Which will activate Alexa to get the coffee prepared over the Behmor coffee maker in a few minutes. 

Otherwise, you can also use the Behmor app over wifi (functional on Apple iOS 7+ & Android 4+ devices) to customize and control your coffee temperature to finer details. Like creating your best brewing profile, having the option to select water temperature, type of roast and pre-soak times.

The 2.78 kg, Behmor coffee maker comes with a permanent filter and a double-walled thermal carafe which can hold 8 cups of refreshing coffee per brew cycle. 

The 1400 W, the coffee maker has an elegant looking black body that fits well in your kitchen. 

NOTE: The Behmor Coffee Maker is designed specifically for 120V, 60 Hz power sources, and will not function with a step-up /down transformer.


  • Voice command over Alexa 
  • Select pre-soak time
  • Carafe with 8 cup capacity 


  • Highly-priced
  • Unportable

Best Smart Coffee Maker in India (App Only)

1. Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee is a wifi compatible coffee maker embedded with optimal brew technology. The technology heats water to the ideal temperature and then shuts automatically. Thus, optimizing flavor, so you get a refreshing coffee in your hand under 7 minutes. 

Using wifi you can remotely instruct Mr Coffee over the “WeMo” app to schedule, set up reminders of coffee time or adjust brew time. WeMo app is available for Apple (iOS 7) and Android (4.0) and higher devices.

Do not worry, in case you lose your smartphone or the app does not function then Mr Coffee has a brew button for manual operation. 

You can keep your coffee hot and tasting fresh as Mr Coffee maker comes with a 10 cup capacity thermal carafe and a built-in removable charcoal filter.

The 2.26 kg Coffee Maker is designed in a BPA free material combined with a black stainless steel body that gives it a timeless look. 


  • Wifi compatible
  • Optimal Brew Technology
  • Manual operation option
  • 10 cup capacity carafe


  • 7 minutes to prepare
  • Unportable

2. Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker

Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker

At 948 g, Nescafe E is portable which makes your refreshing coffee available anywhere at any time. This coffee maker is compact, designed in the shape of cup/mug which can snugly fit into your backpack. 

Nescafe E is built-in with polycarbonate material having an intelligent Bluetooth connectivity to help you prepare your next coffee on the Nescafe E mobile app. 

Nescafe E enables hot and cold coffee making options. The exciting combinations of coffee which can be easily prepared are Flat White, Lungo or Creamy Iced coffee. On top of that, the smart coffee maker has thermal insulation to keep the coffee warm or cold.

With 600W power consumption, Nescafe E saves you save lots on electricity bills and is really quick. The heating and frothing feature literally help you prepare coffee in 60 to 90 seconds. 

The best part is that the coffee maker is uniquely designed and lightweight which makes it superbly easy to carry and comes with a spill-proof 210 ml mug. 


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Prepares coffee in 90 minutes
  • Hot and cold options
  • Lightweight and Portable 


  • 210 ml capacity

Disclaimer – The smart coffee maker is early in the Indian market and hence there are not many options available till now.

Best Coffee Maker in India (Normal)

Morphy Richards Fresco 800-Watt 4-Cups Espresso Coffee Maker

Morphy Richards Coffee Maker

The best thing about Morphy Richards Fresco Coffee Maker is a unique in-built Turbo Cappuccino nozzle, to help you enjoy rich froth (with or without milk) in your favorite coffee. 

Plus Morphy Richard’s coffee strength selector allows you to power your coffee to suit your unique taste. 

The 4 cup capacity coffee maker comes with a stainless steel filter to help you prepare and enjoy a refreshing, smooth and consistent coffee with every sip. You can always keep your excess coffee hot in the accompanying heat resistant glass carafe.

To ensure your safety, Morphy Richards adds a temperature indicator dial on the outer body and has an overheat protection mechanism. 

In the event of overheating the mechanism gets activated and automatically makes the coffee maker enter into malfunction protection mode. Thus preventing any unto incident. 

Further, the coffee maker cuts down your cleaning time through its removable drip tray that collects spilled coffee and which can be cleaned easily.

The 2.45 kg, Morphy Richards coffee maker saves your power bill through optimal power consumption of 800 watts. 


  • In-built Turbo Cappuccino nozzle
  • Temperature indicator dial
  • Coffee strength selector
  • Optimal power consumption


  • 4 cup capacity
  • Unportable

2. Black + Decker 12 – Cup Drip Coffee Maker

Black + Decker Coffee Maker

Black+Decker is a high capacity coffee maker to help you easily churn out 12 cups of sediment-free filter coffee at a time. Making it ideal for your birthday and kitty parties. 

You have the convenience to operate your Black+Decker coffee maker through the electronic control and digital display with functional options like keep warm and auto shut-off.

You can keep your coffee warm up to 2 hours post preparation using keep warm function and the auto shut-off function switches off the machine off automatically even if you forget to do so. 

The sleek design matches your modern kitchen looks and the anti-slip feet ensure stability and safety. 

The 2.62 kg, Black+Decker coffee maker comes with a long-lasting permanent nylon filter so that you always get a smooth coffee. 

Your refreshing coffee gets prepared on 900 W powered motor and can be stored conveniently in a 1.5-liter high-temperature carafe having water level indicator to signal the next preparation.


  • 12 cup brewing capacity
  • Convenient digital display
  • 1.5 Liter large carafe
  • Anti slip-feet 


  • No forthing 
  • Nylon Filter


Though the options are few, still I would have picked Mr Coffee smart coffee maker for my family of five members. Because of its value proposition and the flexibility to operate manually in case of need.

Plus Mr Coffee has a 10 cup large capacity and gives a refreshing coffee using optimal brewing technology.  

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