Best Smart Home Security Camera Systems | Buying Guide and Review

You cannot change the location of an ordinary security camera. Additionally, the installation and the cabling of these cameras are difficult tasks and you can only monitor the activities via a dedicated screen. 

The smart camera system is an excellent investment since you can plug and play with the smart camera wherever you want. You can also monitor the activities from your smartphone if it is configured. Additionally, you can even have two-way communication using the smart camera.

While making a decision on which smart security camera is right for you, there are three main areas to think about.

Things to consider while buying the best smart home security camera systems

Will work as a baby or pet monitor:

Other than safeguarding your property, you also want to monitor your baby and pets. For that, you need to have a security camera with the following features

  • Night Vision: Clear images in low light especially in case the camera is used as a baby monitor.
  • Two-way communication: to listen in and talk to the people you are monitoring. 
  • Field of view: most security cameras are designed with a wide-angle lens, while baby/pet monitors are more of a narrow range to focus on your baby/pet.

Indoor or Outdoor Camera:

You may want to watch things inside during the day and monitor outside after dark. But such a camera rarely exists since most indoor cameras will pick up glares and reflections when aimed out of the window.

If both indoor and outdoor security is your priority, it is recommended to have a separate indoor as well as an outdoor camera for each area.

App features:

You may want to receive live updates on your phone when you are away from the monitoring areas. In that case, a camera that comes with an app with a clean display and timely notification is recommended. 

Top Wireless Smart Home Security Camera System

YI Dome Camera

YI Dome comes with a 720p high-resolution camera with a 112° wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with a 345° horizontal and 115° vertical rotation range. These lens features are perfect for you if you want to monitor indoors and stay in touch with your kids and pets when you cannot be at home.

The advanced night vision with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads extends the viewing distance to 3 meters in a dark area with no light pollution. This feature prevents your baby from getting disturbed by LED glare. The 10-sec motion tracking feature records and centers the moving object.

YI Dome Camera also has a responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio experience. The camera comes with an app that allows you to receive real-time activity alerts while you are away from the monitoring area. 


  • No cloud storage limit
  • Anti-noise filter for clear audio


  • App issues in android devices

Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi Indoor Security Camera:

Royalite wireless wifi security camera has an HD night vision with an inbuilt IR lens for a crisp and clear image even in dark light. You can rotate your camera 360 degrees with the help of the app and focus on the desired position.

The motion detection sensor will send you alerts via email, whenever any motion is detected. The 2-way video and audio let you video chat with the inbuilt microphone and the speaker. 

The camera comes with unlimited cloud recording on a safe FTP server and also has an SD card slot that supports up to 128 GB. You can store the bookmarked recordings on your SD card.


  • Has the ability to pan up and tilt remotely


  • Bulkier in size

Sricam Wifi Wireless Camera:

Sricam Wifi wireless camera comes with a Sricam app which is compatible with both android and ios devices. The motion detection sensor of the camera sends you an alarm on your app when any motion is detected.

The inbuilt rotating motor of the camera lets you rotate the camera both horizontally and vertically from anywhere with the help of the app. You can also pan and tilt the camera up to 355 degrees and watch the live stream from your mobile app. Hence it is a suitable indoor camera for childcare, elders, and pets when you are away.

The inbuilt IR lens of the camera lights up the dark areas with the night vision up. The 2-way audio system powered by the inbuilt microphone and speaker lets you talk and listen to the person on the other side of the camera.

The camera records the videos on the SD card and supports up to 128 GB. The old files get automatically deleted and overwritten by the new files.


  • Night vision up to 32 feet


  • The mic picks up the ambiance voice.

Best Google Smart Home Security Camera System

Mi MJSXJ02CM 360° 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera

Mi MJSXJ02CM home security camera is equipped with a 20 megapixel, 110-degree wide-angle lens that is capable of recording 1080p HD video. The F2.1 aperture lens of the camera allows more light intake, and the 8-bulb 940nm infrared illuminator allows night monitoring. The camera is powered by a talkback feature which enables you to speak and talk with the person on the other side of the camera.

The video encoding technology of the Mi home security camera allows smoother streaming and reduces the bandwidth without compromising on the video streaming details. The advanced artificial intelligence motion detector of the camera accurately determines when to alert you and provides you with notification on the built-in app on your smartphone.

You can control the Mi Home security camera with your voice command as it is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa. The camera records the videos on the SD card and supports up to 64 GB.  


  • Can withstand a temperature range of -10°C to 50°C


  • The app sends motion alerts after a delay of approximately 30 minutes

AKASO Outdoor Security Camera

AKASO comes with a 1.5W high-powered infrared light and night vision up to 65ft with a wide viewing angle of 112°. With the 1080p full HD resolution, the AKASO outdoor security camera can provide crystal clear image quality day and night.

The AKASO outdoor security camera is compatible with Google Home devices that let you control the camera’s functioning. The camera also shows you the recorded clippings with your voice control.

AKASO is a waterproof security camera and supports a temperature range from -20°C to 50°C. The smart bullet camera detects the motion and sound and sends you the notification with a snapshot directly on your smartphone. The built-in microphone and the speaker let you speak and listen to the person via your Google Home device and smartphone.


  • Strong enough to withstand the storm and snowy weather
  • The camera raises an alarm to scare off the intruders


  • Supports just 10 days of video recording

How to add your security camera to Google Home?

Step 1: Launch the camera app and log in to your cloud account. You will find the ‘Smart Home’ option.

Step 2: Enable the device you want to add to Google Home in the smart home page.

Step 3: Launch the Google Home, sign in to your account and then click on ‘Get Started’.

Step 4: Assign a name and click ‘Next’ to build a connection between the Chromecast and the Google Home.

Step 5: Check the code shown on your TV and click ‘yes’ to continue

Step 6: Connect your wifi network you would use with your Chromecast, then customize a room name, which will be added to your room list.

Step 7: Click on the user icon to enter the account page, tap Settings> Assistant > Home Control.

Step 8: Click on the + button, search your camera name and assign the room for the camera you enabled in the cloud account via the camera app.

Step 9: You have added your camera to Google Home successfully. To test your camera, launch the Google assistance and say ‘ Hey Google, show ‘room name’ on ‘name of Chromecast device’.

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