Smart Watch vs Smart Band: Which one is a Value Money Product?

Nowadays wearable devices such as smartwatches, smart bands, smart clothing, smart glasses, smart rings, smart shoes, etc. are very popular among the youth. But among all these devices smart watch and smart band are very much in trend. Both smartwatches and smartbands are similar devices but there is a huge difference in both of them. Now the question arises which might be better for you smartwatch vs smart band?

Factors to consider while buying a Smart Watch or a Smart Band

The following are the factors that you should consider while buying a smartwatch or a smartband :

Battery Life: 

Battery Life is the most important factor while buying these kinds of devices. The battery life on the smart band is way better than the battery life on a smartwatch. You don’t have to worry about the battery on smart bands as they have very good battery life. The average battery life on a smartband ranges between 5 to 20 days on a single charge.

On the other hand, the battery life on a smartwatch is less as compared to a smart band because the smartwatch has a lot of additional features that drain its battery quickly. The average battery life of a smartwatch is 1 day on a single charge. If you use a sleep tracker then you should not choose a smartwatch because it needs to be charged every day.


Another important factor while buying a smartwatch or a smart band is the level of comfort. Smart bands are more comfortable than smartwatches because smart bands are lighter in weight and are narrow in shape. On the contrary, smartwatches are bulky in weight and are bigger than smart bands. This makes the smartwatches a little uncomfortable to wear.

Water Resistance: 

Water Resistance is one of the major factors while buying a smartwatch or smart band. Usually, both smartwatches and smart bands are water-resistant. Although smartwatches are water resistant these smartwatches come with a fancy wrist band that can get damaged if you put it constantly around water. In the case of the smart band, there is no need to worry as these bands come with silicon or rubber wrist band and don’t get damaged with water. In terms of water resistance, smart bands are more practical than smartwatches.


Smart bands are fitness-focused and have many sporty features like a pedometer, heart rate monitoring system, sleep tracker, different workout modes, alarms, smart notifications, timer, and spo2 monitoring system. While smartwatch features are the total package – sim card slots, WiFi connectivity, camera, 4G LTE, standalone apps, an app store, google or Siri assistant, voice calling, music player and have all the features of a smart band. Smartwatches are very famous among youth due to their features.

Screen Size: 

Smartwatches come with a bigger screen size while smart bands have a smaller display screen. The average display size of a smartwatch is usually between 1 to 3 inches while smart bands displays are usually between 0 to 1 inches. Both smartwatches and smart bands come with a touch screen but some budget-oriented smart bands come with a physical touch button screen instead of a touch screen.


Smartwatches are more interactive than smart bands due to their features of smartwatches. Smartwatches have complex or advanced operating systems which make the interactivity of the device smooth. Smartwatch is like a mini smartphone and has similar features to a smartphone. On the other hand, the smart band lacks features which makes it less interactive


The next thing that you have to consider while buying these devices is the usage of devices. You should be clear about for what purpose I need a smartwatch and smart band. Smartwatches can be worn on any occasion and everywhere like office, college, or at a party. A smart band can be worn while exercising in a park or a gym. If you want to wear it for regular use then you should go for a smartwatch but if you are a fitness freak then you should go for a smart band.


The style factor is the personal preference of the buyer. But according to my view, smartwatches are more stylish than smart bands. Smartwatches come with different varieties of designs and customizable styles. On the contrary, smart bands don’t have many varieties in design and don’t offer customizable styles.


The most important factor while buying a product is the price. There is a huge price gap between a smartwatch and a smart band. Smartwatches are expensive due to a lot of features offered in them. While smart brands are cost-efficient and are more affordable than smartwatches as there are limited features in a smart band.


So after studying all the above factors of smart watch vs smart band comparison which one you should consider. According to my research, you should go for a smart band if you are on a low budget because a smart band offers all the basic features that you need. You should go for a smartwatch if you want to enjoy the additional features and budget is not an issue for you.

I hope this smart watch vs smart band article helped in analyzing the best device for you.

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